Mr. Lava's Trash Music Compendium

Another round-up of the best, the worst, and the most intriguing trash of the past and present.

(August 2001)         

Gigi D'Agostino - La Passion (Melody With Rectangle)
Another cover by the innovator of nu-Italo dance, this time French new wave artist Jacno's 1979 tune "Rectangle" getting the Gigi D'Ag treatment.

Sting - Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix)
A Turkish friend told me that in his country the remix was played on the radio more than the original, testimony to the more dancefloor-oriented culture overseas. Though a year or so old at the time, I heard it all over Romania in 2001. I loved the chick's voice—until I learned that it was a man's. "Don't want no more of the crying game...

Carolina Marquez - Ritmo
Starts off like an Irish jig, then lays down that distinctive the sproingy-sproingy "tuba bass" Italo beat. Years later the Colombian-born Marquez scored a huge dancefloor hit with the Kill Bill-inspired "Killer's Song."

Pablo 'n' Cezanne - Rain Dance
This is the slightly less exhilerating compliment to their other tribal trance tune, "Sun Dance," which I suppose makes sense since rain is not something one tends to celebrate, unless one has experienced a long drought, in which case this non sequitor has gone on too long. I presume that at some point there will be a "Smog Dance."

Daddy DJ - The Girl in Red
"Daddy DJ" was their big hit, but I prefer this, which has a nice litle synth bit arranged in a different key from the rest of the song. Due to English-language challenges, the lyrics are sometimes a bit mystifying; it sounds, for example, like they refer to a Jew getting slapped in the face and our male narrator going to bed with his male friend. But it turns out that, according to a music lyric site, the song is considerably less controversial. In the real lyrics, the authors advance the theory that Cardinal Richelieu was actually a peasant girl in drag.

Rollergirl - Luv U More (12" Brock Mix)
Rollergirl, as Boogie Nights fans can guess, was a Eurodance singer who rolled from one side of the stage to the other on rollerskates whilst lip-synching Eurotrash bubblegum covers. This updating of the Sunscreem hit from the early 1990s contains all the classic elements of Y2K-era Eurodance, including lots of crowd noise and some trance flourishes.

SMS feat. Rehb - La Vie C'est Fantastique
Another nu-Italo "tuba bass" tune that goes "sproingy-sproingy" instead of "boom-boom." Rehb proclaims her adoration for the DJ, and happily I'm usually the guy playing the song when that happens. Coincidence, coincidence!

Storm - Stormanimal
The creatures formerly known as Jam & Spoon evolved into Storm, and their frisky "Stormanimal" tramples the native species. What's the Trio Bulgarka doing in there? Getting a right good screwing from the lads shouting "Stormanimal! The incredible!" that's what!

T42 featuring S#arp (Sharp) - Find Time (Fargetta Mix)
One of the best and most uplifting Italo dance tunes of this young decade. Soaring melodies, great hooks, and the requisite inspirational lyrics that, upon closer examination, don't make a whole lot of sense, but are sung capably by Ms. S#arp nevertheless.

Prezioso featuring Marvin - Let's Talk About a Man
Prezioso, who almost always feature Marvin, deliver one of their typical vocodery Italo-pop dance tunes in the Eiffel 65. I haven't the foggiest idea what this song is about. I went to a Web site and scanned the lyrics, but that didn't clear up the mystery at all. I have concluded that this song makes no sense. Yet it really seems to be about something. It's driving me CRAZY!

Funkstar De Luxe (Funkstar Deluxe) - White Horse
Funkstar De Luxe gives electro legends Laid Back his own unique brand of remixery in "White Horse," a song I will forever associate with the Romanian barmaid I met in 2001 who sang sassily along to its, "If you're gonna be rich you've got to be a bitch" line.

Noelia - Candela
Noelia brings a splash of Latin flavor to the proceedings with the dance mix of "Candela."

Diana Fox - Running on Empty
Cute Diana Fox is "Running on Empty." Much like my 1992 Honda Accord. Which, it seems, I will never be able to afford to fix. Which, in this 2006 update, I can tell you was finally destroyed by a hurricane. Which—but returning to Ms. Fox. This is yer basic Eurodance, but with an interestingly plaintive quality to it. Wistful, in fact. So why would anyone behind it expect this to rock a discotheque? In 2007 I found that Ms. Fox is singing schlager-esque German-language music. Evolve or die!

Stone Phazers - John Wayne (Radio Disco Mix)
Stone Phazers do one for all da ladies (and da gay men!) in da haus with "John Wayne (Radio Disco Remix)," an homage to the legendary movie western star. The radio disco mix is the superior one, and was masterminded by none other than DJ Ross before he made a name for himself with tunes like "Smile." Lyrics contain a number of sexual double-entendres, so it's always amusing. It was originally released, my CD single tells me, on 9 July 2001. Some of the singles contain the none-more-Eurotrash video.

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