Mr. Lava's Trash Music Compendium

Another round-up of the best, the worst, and the most intriguing trash of the past and present.

(October 2002)         

Ah, the new classics!

Mauro Picotto - Back to Cali (Short Cut)
"Back to Cali" isn't the stormer that was Picotto's "Like This Like That," but it rises above much of his other recent output thanks to the tune's strong melodic elements.

2raumwohnung - Mit Viel Gluck (We Love it Mix by f. or. m)
A dark house epic garnished with creepy keyboard burps and burbles, sporadic female vocals, and a powerful bassline.

2 People - Holiday Ride (Piparos Main Vein)
It sounds like a Broadway number sung by two girls for whom English is certainly a second language. And it's great.

Alizee - L'alize (Tonka's Sunny Season Mix)
The results of this remix are perfectly appropriate for a French slumber party. Contains some of the same sampled elements used in Rob Base and EZ Rock's "It Takes Two," which is a good thing.

E-Fable - My Carillon (Troublej Remix)
Another perfect representative of the Italo dance sound, packed with much tunefulness.

Klubbingman - Open Your Mind (Charly Lownoise Remix)
"Open Your Mind"? Well, that's not a fucking cliche, is it? But Klubbingman's tune gets a great work-over by Charly "Wonderfull Days" Lownoise, and the result leaves me "dancing in the atmosphere."

Mad'House - Like a Prayer
Mad'House are spitting out dance covers of Madonna songs like nobody's business. They have a whole album of these, in fact. Will you like their take on "Like a Prayer"? Probably, if you liked the original song. It's great how, with 80's covers, you can just skip the money that goes into research and development and cut right to (re)packaging. Interestingly, this take may have unseated Madonna's original as the one to play at Euro parties.

Me and My (Me & My) - Dub-I-Dub
In 2002, Me and My's insidiously catchy "Dub I Dub" was featured on Dance Dance Revolution's Euromix machine at London Gatwick Airport's arcade. Consider it an "I Will Survive" for a sassier generation. It's worth noting that the remixes on the CD single are all pretty excellent, so track it down.

770 - Freed from Desire 2002
The original song came to us by way of the Italian songstress Gala in 1996. In 2002 a group called 770 transformed the tune into a thundering techno/trance/pop anthem. Theirs remains my favorite version, thanks in part to some subtle musical adjustments alongside some not-so-subtle dancefloor thunder. Years later this continues to rip the room apart; it's one of my all-time favorite moments in Eurotrash.

Driftwood - Freeloader (Original Mix)
A perky, instrumental dance track.

Alex C feat. Yasmin K. - Rhythm of the Night
A fairly pedestrian updating of the Corona Eurodance classic, but it has some charms of its own, and in the end is a welcome effort.

Mark'Oh - Let This Party Never End (Radio Mix)
This is perhaps the most undiluted Eurotrash you'll ever find, what with its shouted motivational chants; sped up vocals; and big, warm synth chords to wrap it all up in.

Sub Ace & Aura - My Dreams
Much has been made of the energy and relentlessness of happy hardcore, but seldom is much said about how beautiful some of it could be. Here is a case in point.

Rodd-Y-Ler - Lifesigns
Pleasant trance tune punctuated by acidy burbles and a really nice synth run.

And with that The Boom Boom discotheque closes down and the kids stumble into the brisk October air dazed, delighted, drunk, etc.

(November 2002)

Hey, it's Volume 17, so we have to pay homage to the second best Europorn company: Club Seventeen!

Bomfunk MC's featuring Jessica Folcker - (Crack It) There's Something Going On
For the women of ABBA, there was but one shining post-ABBA moment, and that was Frida's "There's Something Going On." Now the Bomfunk MC's and Jessica Folcker have gotten together and spat out their own version which, as is typical in such cases, completely misses the point of the original, but is mighty catchy anyway. Once, again, the usual "Euro-treatment," wherein verses are discarded for generic, high attitude rapping, serving as the bread around the meat of the matter: Jessica Folcker's interpretation of the original chorus. It works.

Ladytron - Playgirl
Ladytron are not Eurotrash per se, but seeing that we included a Shakira song on one compilation, perhaps we can be excused for promoting this electro synth-pop masterpiece.

Tomcraft - Loneliness
Tomcraft, have you officially dropped the "DJ" part of your name? You may as well. Unlike most record spinners, you've produced masterpiece after masterpiece of original output. "Loneliness" never sounded so appealing.

Milky - Just the Way You Are
Here is about the sunniest pop anthem you can imagine. Features strummed guitars (Aussies might recognize the guitar sample as coming from the Go-Betweens' "Streets of Your Town"), chunky house beats, and an infectious, wordless refrain for the chorus (more of that la-di-da vocal motif which dates back to Eiffel 65's "Blue" and ATC's "Around the World"). Think summer cottage by the Mediterranean. Think sexy girls in belly shirts and sarongs walking down dusty roads while the scent of olive trees hangs in the air.

Smiling People - See Everybody Dance
A bit of Aretha Franklin-esque attitude is mixed into the Italo house fun.

Las Ketchup - Asereje (The Ketchup Dance)
The Latin-flavoured novelty hit has a funny dance to go along with it (that dance is called "The Ketchup Dance"). Because otherwise, who would actually buy this record? It was the first "Macarena" of the 21st century.

Master Blaster - Hypnotic Tango
Master Blaster kicked out an album of Italo disco covers; here is My Mine's 1983 classic getting the upgrade. It's neither particularly hypnotic nor conducive to tango'ing. However, it's incredibly spritely. Its high pitched vocal line can only be understood by dogs.

Panjabi MC - Mundian To Back Ke
Panjabi MC manages to blend Bhangra sounds with, well, that's the fuckin' theme from "Knight Rider," isn't it? ALL RIGHT!

Sugababes - Round Round
Sugababes have brought some teeth to the once-staid girl group genre via some unorthodox production. "Round Round", the second single from their second album, has destroyed dance floors across Europe with its weird blend of R&B, dancehall beats, and a crazily original key change from the verses into the choruses. Catchier than a baseball catcher named Catchy catching a cold.

Jurgen Vreis - The Theme
This instrumental, analog-y track would make a good soundtrack for a TV commercial touting the comfort and convenience of the TGV.

4 Strings - Diving (Cosmic Gate remix)
That mournful Sarah McLachlanesque vocal either hurts or helps it, depending upon your opinion of mournful female trance vocals. But fortunately a big synth hook drops in. The Cosmic Gate mix is not dramatically different from the original, but it beefs things up a bit, and adds a bit more fire to the proceedings.

Tatu - Nas ne dogonyat
2001; but made most impact in 2002
Anybody remember that UK female duo Shampoo? Aren't Tatu the new version? Only they're Russian, they deep kiss one another on Italian TV, and they sing better songs? "Nas ne dogonyat," a galloping breakbeat production, is buoyed by a fantastic video featuring a runaway train. The title means "Not going to get us." Will Americans?

Sound of Overdose - City to City (DJ Scot Project Remix)
A hard trance song featuring a chanted list of various international locales.

Bang! - Break of Dawn
Bang!, like Sash!, has earned an exclamation point. This tune is like happy hardcore meets baroque. Does it work? Fuck yes!

I hope you have enjoyed our little chat as much as I have. Turn out the lights when you leave. Thanks.

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