Mr. Lava's Trash Music Compendium

Another round-up of the best, the worst, and the most intriguing trash of the past and present.

(February 2003)

Hello my name is Mr. Lava nice to meet you let's talk trash.

Earth and Fire - Weekend
Like England's punks, Dutch prog rockers Earth & Fire discovered reggae around 1979, and the result was the (refreshingly) non-prog "Weekend." Their lead singer was quite the fox!

Kasia Klich - Lepszy Model (Yaro Remix)
Prog rocker and sometimes Polish R&B singer Kasia Klich's "Lepszy Model (Yaro remix)" is so slinky, it will have you speaking Polish to your pillow at night.

Mighty 44 - Push It
Finnish prog producers Mighty 44 worked with the Bomfunk MC's. The 44's stoopid cover of Salt 'n' Pepa's legendary "Push It" ably demonstrates the sonic connection.

Andrea Doria - Bucci Bag
Nothing like a maritime tragedy to lend its name to a prog rock project. Andrea Doria's "Bucci Bag" is cheekier than the Cheeky Girls and just might conquer the world. Co-captaining the ship is Dino Lenny. I look forward to hearing future tracks from Lusitania and Titanic.

Kid Q - This Feeling (Acrylite's Hard Remix)
The only reason I know about Earth and Fire (see above) is because Kid Q recently sampled "Weekend" and transformed it into the dance floor monster "This Feeling." Acrylite's Hard Remix is superior to the original because it's just a little more PROG, if you will, and prog is always better. Controversy emerged when Scooter released a cover version of "Weekend," around the same time. Kid Q and Co. were understandably pissed. Honestly, the Kid Q song is much better than Scooter's—and I love Scooter.

A-ha - You Wanted More
Post-mod prog popstars A-ha were alloted 15 minutes of fame in America, but throughout the rest of the world they have rocked steadily through, christ, has it been almost 20 years?!?!?! The profoundly simple lyrical sentiments of "You Wanted More" demonstrate that they still know how to deliver a rush of goosebumps.

Samantha Mumba - Always Come Back to Your Love
It's a few years old, but having neglected to mention it in the past it's time I confessed my love for Irish chanteusse (and prog rocker) Samantha Mumba's "Always Come Back to Your Love," one of the most delightful Euro stabs at R & B I've ever heard. Americans may remember Samantha as the cute chick in the movie The Time Machine, but then again, since nobody saw that movie, they may not.

Atomic Kitten - Be With You (Groove Brother Remix)
DJ Cyberian Tyger is a man obsessed with the none-more-prog Atomic Kitten, and so we keep on plugging that band's work. "Be With You (Groove Brothers Remix)" is another pop house tune carefully designed to transform the 13 year olds of today into the club divas of tomorrow.

Flutlicht - The Fall (Original Mix)
A good prog rock band needs a good prog rock name, and Flutlicht is as good a name as any. "The Fall" is a gorgeous trance anthem with a wonderful spoken telling of the fall of Icarus tossed into the middle. Very fucking good.

Arome - Hands Up! (DJ Scot Project Remix)
DJ Scot Project is becoming increasingly schizophrenic, as he is remixing his own songs under other names. So we have Arome's "Hands Up! (DJ Scot Project remix)." The melody strongly resembles System F's "Exhale," but whereas "Exhale" sounds like a stormy opium dream, "Hands Up!" goes straight for the crack. OK, let me rephrase that. Prog prog prog!

Melody Club - Palace Station
Trainspotters at New York's "Tiswas" have probably already discovered prog rock upstarts Melody Club, but if they haven't, they would be well advised to sample the Scandinavian group's superbly glammish "Palace Station."

Ace of Base - Beautiful Morning
Ace of Base, like a-ha, kept on rolling in Europe long after Americans turned their backs on them. Last year's "Beautiful Morning" is the perfect cure for the blues, but is not an appropriate soundtrack for morning hang-overs. It's prog rock, by the way.

Robin Cook - I Won't Let the Sun Go Down
Robin Cook's prog umbrella drink on the beach "I Won't Let the Sun Go Down" is about as authenticly reggae as Earth & Fire's "Weekend" (or anything by Ace of Base, for that matter), but that's OK, as I really can't stand the real stuff anyway. It's a cover of a tune originally performed by Nik "The Riddle" Kershaw.

Camilla - Il Mio Fuoco
Camilla's "Il Mio Fuoco" is an Italian language cover of Diana Ross's "Upside Down." A nice way to wrap up this incredible collection of prog rock classics which, at 20 minutes apiece, span several CD's in length. Enjoy!

(February 2003)

If you can keep up with this playlist, you must have the best looking legs in Brasov, which, I presume, is where you live, since my Web stats show that all my visitors come from Brasov. Buna!

Gouryella - Ligaya (Radio Vocal Mix)
Gouryella's "Ligaya (Radio Vocal Mix)" offers a slice of dance heaven. Gorgeous vocal trance done right (not surprising since one of the men behind the curtains is Ferry Corsten). You should also check out the incredible video.

Sinema feat. Sandra - You Keep Me Hangin' On
How can you turn down an electroclash version of the Supremes' (or, if you prefer, Kim Wilde's) "You Keep Me Hangin' On"? Sinema (featuring Sandra) are banking on the fact that you probably can't.

DJ S.P.U.D. - DJ Wimpy Does Britney
DJ S.P.U.D. presents the somewhat annoying, somewhat amazing "DJ Wimpy Does Britney," which gets a good face-lift from Awex. Awex was the guy who sort of successfully mixed Crazy's Town's "Butterfly" with acid. He has better luck here.

Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Radio Edit)
"Get Get Down" came out a few years back; Paul Johnson brags that it took him only 15 minutes to write it. That sounds like about ten minutes too many, but the song definitely demonstrates the truth in the old adage that sometimes "less is more."

One T - Music is the One-T ODC (Giuseppi D NYC Odyssey Mix)
I raved about One-T long ago in my blog. Their video for "Music is the One-T ODC" features a H-H-H-H-HOT chick in a leather skirt crooning the lyrics. The more epic Giuseppi D NYC Odyssey Mix is my favorite mix, but the Latin-infused original is also excellent.

The Rumbar - El Timbal
The Rumbar love their Latin/tribal percussion, and "El Timbal", another tune that draws inspiration from the Safri Duo palette, demonstrates this admirably. Note to DJ's: I hereby doth proclaim that thif Tune receivef the King Pigeon Seal of Excellence for Guaranteed Dance Floor Pandemonium.

Gus Gus - David
I'd nearly forgotten all about Iceland's Gus Gus, but then, bang, they put out one of the best singles of the year: "David." Gets over the obstacles that fucked-up their best-known stateside release, Polydistortion. Big diva vocals meet huge synth hooks--it's a scintillatingly seductive (and sexually suggestive) song. Ssss. Ss. Sss!!! SSsss. S!

Robbie Williams - Feel
Robbie Williams is the true King of Pop, and his face ain't all fucked up like the Other Guy's. What makes Robbie particularly great is that he sings great songs. What a concept! I didn't think I'd ever hear anything as moving as his "Supreme," but now, with the melancholic "Feel" charting everywhere, I have a new favorite. Oh, by the way, all you non-native English speakers running the lyric sites out there, I don't think he's singing "Before I roll eye / I can see myself coming." Rather, it's "Before I've arrived / I can see myself coming." Just thought you'd like to know.

Solid HarmoniE - I Want You to Want Me
Solid HarmoniE (which, er, logically breaks down into the acronym "SHE") are another one of those forgotten British girl groups. "I Want You to Want Me" is a good sugary pick-me-up for those who wish to sample their charms.

Safeway - I'm in Love
Safeway's "I'm in Love" has, quite possibly, the best hand clap sound I've ever heard in a dance song. Male vocals, a mid-tempo beat, and some goofy chants make this a definite winner.

New Tone-Estero [credited on most compilation CDs as just New Tone; should this be New Tone feat. Esthero?—ed.]- Waiting for Your Love
The neo-disco "Waiting for Your Love" finds a woman crooning alongside what sound like mewing kittens. Wonderful!

S-Club - Do It 'Till We Drop
As all you S-Club fans out there know, one of the finest episodes of that show found Jon and Bradley in a bartending competition in Barcelona. That show ended with Rachel leading the group in the summery pop house choon "Do It 'Till We Drop." Man, that song was so crunk, Bradley was SWEATIN' at the end of it. Proof that there ain't no party like an S Club party.

Atomic Kitten and Planet Funk - Chase the Sun Right Now
Whose idea was it to combine Planet Funk's "Chase the Sun" with Atomic Kitten's "Right Now" in order to create "Chase the Sun Right Now"? We may never know. Whereas most of these hybridization experiments fail utterly, this one actually works rather well. Break out your peer-to-peer program and track it down.

Chicane - Love on the Run (Rob Searle Force Five Remix)
Chicane's "Love on the Run" was OK to start with, but then Rob Searle gave it some additional meat about, whoah, four minutes in, in the form of a rather martial-sounding keyboard riff. Hearing a remix this bold is rather shocking, actually. Makes me recall the day when Weatherall took Future Sound of London's "Papua New Guinea" to the cleaners. Ah, the good ol' days . . .

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