Mr. Lava's Trash Music Compendium

Another round-up of the best, the worst, and the most intriguing trash of the past and present.

(May 2003)

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet" lives to please. So get out there and find it before it gets all depressed and reinvents itself as "While You Move Your Feet I am Going to Slowly Shuffle My Feet and Walk Away Since You Don't Appreciate My Efforts to Please."

Bhangra Knights vs. Husan - Husan (Original Mix)
This song was wrongly credited to a hundred different artists back in 2003, but at last the dust has cleared and the true victors emerge. Bhangra Knights & Husan contributed the Bhangra-driven "Husan" or "The Sculptor," or "Heaven is a Place on Earth," depending on who you ask, to a clever Peugeot 206 advertisement. Cheery girl intoning "So you like me, huh?" makes the song ten times sexier. Something to play alongside your Panjabi MC.

Loona - Bailando (Spanish Energia Radio Mix)
Before DJ Sammy was DJ Sammy, and Carissa was the chick who sang on some DJ Sammy songs, DJ Sammy and Carissa were united under one name: Loona. "Bailando (Spanish Energia Radio Mix)" was their big hit under that moniker. The CD single comes with instructions for the dance that supposedly swept Europe by storm in 1999. I've never seen that dance performed anywhere.

Costanzo - Azzurro
Costanzo camps up a classic Italian song. It was once crooned by celebrated Italian and Renaissance guy Adriano Celentano and today is often sung by the Italian national soccer team. The reason the soccer team sings it is because the song's title means "azure," which is the dominant color of their uniforms.

OMC - How Bizarre
OMC hails from New Zealand, and his 1996 hit "How Bizarre" sounds like the perfect thing to play while taking a lazy twirl with some pretty girls at that patio party by the sea. Ten years after its release the tune was featured in Travel Channel adverts for the series "Bizarre Foods."

Erlend Øye - Prego Amore
Erlend Oye's mellow "Prego Amore" sounds like a rambling drunk guy who sounds a lot more interesting than he really ought to considering he just stole your drink!

Lorie - A 20 Ans
Lorie's "A 20 Ans" is the pop tune that's making all the heads bob in the Parisian cafes. French cutie Alizee's apparent retort to this tune came in the form of "J'ais pas vingt ans." Lorie will be mud-wrestling Alizee at my next party.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Get Over You
Rev things up with Sophie Ellis Bextor's sassy "Get Over You," which is as good as her previous hit singles but has more energy to boot.

Plummet - Damaged
Plummet's "Damaged" sounds like a more vulnerable take on Snap's "Rhythm is a Dancer." Psst! They're not really from Europe! They're from (sotto voice) America!

The Boogie Pimps - Salt Shaker (Somebody to Love)
The Boogie Pimps snatch some lines from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and toss in a chunk of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love" to create "Salt Shaker." Dancefloor mayhem? Guaranteed!

Hardy Hard - Silver Surfer
Hardy Hard's "Silver Surfer" has recently been updated with the help of a ton of remixers, but the 1999 original is still the best because it doesn't screw around with lots of filters and builds to nowhere and shit like that.

Newton - Sky High (Hiza Kite Mix)
Newton takes the 1975 Jigsaw classic "Sky High (Hiza Kite Mix)" and turns it into a foot-stomping strobe lights and platform shoes number that will have people lifting their hands in the air and singing along like they're in Club 54.

DJ Tandu - Velvet
DJ Tandu's "Velvet" is JABTS (just another beautiful trance song).

The Horrorist - One Night in NYC
The Horrorist's "One Night in NYC" is a shocking experience indeed. With a decent melody it might have risen above novelty status (errr, I meant to say "underground"), but as it is you can enjoy it at least twice—once when you hear it for the first time and again when you play it for your friends. Yuk-yuk-yuk!

(June 2003)

Unknown Source - Nadjanema
"Nadjanema" is a lovely bit of trance from Unknown Source. Obviously, with a name like that, I can't tell you anything more.

Gareth Gates feat. Special Guests the Kumars - Spirit in the Sky
Gareth Gates, runner-up and perhaps the more talented of the top two Pop Idols, joins forces with an annoying comedy troupe called the Kumars for a swingin' take on the old classic rock choon "Spirit in the Sky." It's rubbish. That's thanks largely to the Kumars, who aren't funny. Still, it brilliantly captures the essence of Brit-trash.

Exch Pop True - Discoteca
The geekily named Exch Pop True offer the sexiest Italo-Electro tune of the year so far: "Discoteca." The premise: a woman describes (in sexy Italian) her week at the discoteque. High concept, highly recommended.

Run DMC - It's Tricky 2003 (Master Mix feat. Jacknife Lee)
Jacknife Lee's 2003 remix of Run DMC's "It's Tricky" peels paint off walls. Old school purists will moan that it has nothing on the original, how sad that Run DMC embraced dance music, etc. Well, then! Go over there to that party, while I play Jacknife Lee's take at this one!

M.A.D.R.A.S. - Touch and Take My Body
The first magnificent Italo anthem of the year, MADRAS's "Touch and Take My Body," is a big bouncing ball of undiluted joy. Boasts the requisite Italo sproingy-sproingy beats and folk-music-inspired synth lines. Totally screwy fun. So lethal, when I tested it at Irene's "Back to Bavaria" party on May 24 it killed someone! That's hardcore.

Erika - I Don't Know
Italian songbird Erika returns with another excellent tune: "I Don't Know." Oh, Erika, you sound so wistful! For dancing with tears in your eyes.

The Vinylistic - I'm Confessin' That I Love You
For you sophisticated romantics out there, feast your ears on the classy "I Love You," by The Vinylistic. Appropriate fodder for that swingin' Venetian bachelor pad—circa 1953.

7th Heaven - One Day
7th Heaven snag a few ideas (and sounds) from David Bowie's "Heroes" and create a shimmery, summery Italo anthem called "One Day."

DJ BoBo - Chihuahua
I never really dug DJ BoBo when he was trying to do "inspiring" dance songs—he always sounded too goofy (check out his rap in "What a Feeling 2001"—UGH!). But when he's covering a song that's as goofy as he is, namely the spritely "Chihuahua" (which is being used for a huge Coca-Cola Euro-campaign), things work out very well indeed!

Special D - Come With Me (Groove Coverage Mix)
Special D's "Come With Me" gets the remix treatment from chick-worshippers Groove Coverage. It was released in March of this year, but sounds like it would have been comfortable hanging out with the happy hardcore sounds of the mid to late 90's. Interesting to note that Special D was about two when the song's clear musical inspiration, Nena's "Nur getraumt," was released.

Flawless - Shining
Flawless's "Shining" is a fierce little stomper with some excellent production. Dig those crazy synth riffs!

Rising Star - Touch Me
Enough time has passed for me to officially proclaim 1999—2001 The Golden Age of Trance®, an age that the attentive reader will note is now over. Rising Star's "Touch Me" is a prime example of that sweeping Gatecrasher sound (interesting that its various rereleases neatly spanned those golden years). It sports an uplifting melody that sounds a bit like Cocteau Twins' "Fotzepolitic" and space keyboards that echo Vangelis's theme from "Cosmos." How's that for references? By the way, that's Armin Van Buuren crouched down over there, hiding behind that alias.

Sarina Paris - Look at Us
Sarina Paris's "Look at Us" sounds like Sonny and Cher's "Groovy Kind of Love" on helium. Pure Europop. Enjoyed a three year slow burn with various releases in different countries. Despite continued interest in her music (as reflected by steady web chatter) Paris's career seems to have stalled since.

S-Club 7 - I'll Be There
S Club are kaput and their farewell movie is rumored to be doo-doo. But there was something to them, wasn't there? Check out "I'll Be There," one of the rare Tina-led songs. It's like a kiss on a breezy summer day.

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