Mr. Lava's Trash Music Compendium

Another round-up of the best, the worst, and the most intriguing trash of the past and present.

(June 2003)

Latin Lovers - Dos Gardenias (Para Ti)
What's up with the Latin Lovers? Do they love Latinas? The study of Latin? Or are they just Latinos who love? In any case, it's easy to love the Latin-trash-fiesta that is "Dos Gardenias (Para Ti)." If it sounds familiar, it may be because you heard the original on the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack.

Beth - Dime
The enormously attractive Beth came to fame as one of the finalists on the Spanish TV music/reality series "Operación Triunfo" (the blueprint of this show was also used in France as "Star Academy" and the UK for the short-lived "Fame Academy" series). "Dime" was Spain's Eurovision 2003 entry, and finished 8th in the contest.

Fancy - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
The reviewer at the excellent was broken-hearted by Fancy's 2001 cover of Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye." Fancy, who sometimes looks sort of like a Eurotrash Roy Orbison, decided to go with a more traditional Eurodance arrangement on this number (which included the requisite motivational rapper who encourages the audience to get down "to the Fancy beat"). And here I am, the guy without taste, recommending it.

DJ Bouncer - Brainstorm
Remember Lady Bouncer's superb "Dirty Mary"? No? You poor fuck. Well, Lady Bouncer's name has changed to DJ Bouncer, and the first tune to come out under the new alias is "Brainstorm" Peculiarly annoying and entertaining at once.

Moguai - Get:On (Original)
I have almost loved several Moguai songs. "Get:On" is the first one that I love unconditionally. Get ready for air guitars on the dance floor!

Master Blaster - Another Life
Master Blaster, who have already received glowing praise here, recently put out a whole album of 1980's Italo dance covers. Their take on Kano's "Another Life" is particularly delightful, though leaving out the synth flourishes of the original seems something of a missed opportunity.

Kosmonova vs. Fiocco - Celebrate
Next up is Kosmonova and Fiocco's "Celebrate," an exhilarating, analog-y dance tune that might have inspired Mauro Picotto's "Like This Like That" and Jurgen Vreis's "The Theme."

Acapulco - Caliente Tambores
There are apparently three groups collectively referred to as Acapulco: a Eurodance band doing covers of Ricky Martin tunes, a tribal dance outfit, and a coastal Mexican city. The tribal Acapulco produced the excellent "Caliente Tambores," which will create a strong desire on the part of the listener to bounce around a beach bonfire shaking a spear.

Snap! vs. Motivo - The Power (of Bhangra)
Before there was Bang! and Sash! there was Snap! The latter! will! endure! forever! thanks to the art of the remix. Snap!'s classic "The Power" has been updated to cash in on the Bhangra craze (or at least the "Mundian To Bach Ke" craze), and the result is (obviously) entitled "The Power (of Bhangra)."

Safeway - Fallin'
Italo dance outfit Safeway put out the excellent "I'm in Love" a few months back. Their current follow-up could have been called "I'm in Love Part II: Even Catchier." Instead, they called it "Fallin'." Actually, I think they did the right thing, there.

Magic Box - If You (Disco Mix)
There are lots of reasons to love Magic Box. One is for the many good songs they have penned (their most recent number "If You," is no exception, and would be a fine way to serenade a modern-day Juliet in Verona). The other is for the fact that one of the Magic Box dudes is Italo songstress Erika's older brother. Italo talent runs in the family, it seems.

Yeats - Feels Like Seventeen
Yeats's "Feels Like Seventeen" will resurrect memories from your Catholic school days in Rome. Fun fact: Yeats have nothing to do with the famous Irish poet William Butler Yeats. In fact, they were supposed to be called "Yeast," but a typo on their first 12" resulted in their present name. When I know nothing about a group, I typically make stuff up.

Italian Boys - Inno Di Mameli
I told you about the Latin Lovers, but have I ever mentioned the Italian Boys? These guys love soccer stadiums and big beat interpretations of their national anthem. Hence, "Inno Di Mameli." Forgive me—really—for what I'm about to say, but it seems Mussolini would have approved.

Kate Ryan - Libertine
It's back to the Mylene Farmer well for Kate Ryan. This is pounding, life-affirming tru-trash of the highest order. Her album, Different, is assured status as a classic Eurodance release.

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