Mr. Lava's Trash Music Compendium

Another round-up of the best, the worst, and the most intriguing trash of the past and present.

(Sept. 2003)

Alizee - J'ai pas vingt ans (Sfaction Club Remix)
Benny Benassi is the man. Never mind that all his remixes sound sorta the same (though stuff I heard on his website suggests more startling things to come). His treatment of Alizee's "J'ai pas vingt ans" is a vast improvement over the original. Let Benny produce Alizee's next record!

Sugar.m - Ready 4 Yo' Kiss
We find a plaintive Sugar.m crying out for love and understanding in a song that sounds like classic Eurodance gold. And the reason it sounds like classic Eurodance gold may be because it sounds an awful lot like Alexia's "Me and You."

Anna Lesko - Hypnotic
Everybody always tells me, "We know all about France and Germany and Italy, but what the fuck is going on in Romania?" Good question. The answer is (and always has been): great music. Check out Anna Lesko's super slinky "Hypnotic." In a fair world, Western DJ's would be mixing this with Richard X's "Finest Dreams." Instead, the top Romanian dance act in Western Europe is the Cheeky Girls.

Kirenia - Baby Love
She's super cute, and her Latin tinged cover of the Supreme's classic "Baby Love" is a marvel. Meet Kirenia. She's the new Millane Fernandez! She's sponsored by Coke Light with Lemon! Looks like I'll have to visit Belgium while I'm in Europe this fall!

Lee Cabrera feat. Alex Cartana - Shake It (Extended Mix)
Usually, when a good dance song gets re-released with a vocal it sucks harder. One glorious exception is Lee Cabrera's "Shake It," which I always thought was OK, but now sounds like the Latin Eurodance song of your dreams thanks to Alex Cartana's spicy vocal contributions. Also, another rare case where the extended version will sound like the best one even to non-DJ's.

DJ Bum Bum - Believe (Euro Mix)
DJ Bum Bum's "Believe (Euro Mix)" brings sensitive strummed guitars, thoughtful synth lines, a vocodered chick's inspiring voice, and a boom-boom beat together. My eyes are moist! But "Bum Bum"?

Amen! UK - Passion
"Passion," by Amen! UK, has been updated with new remixes. In these cases, I usually prefer the original versions, and this is no exception—stick with the original, please! Loopy, thumping classic Eurodance sure to elevate your soul.

Sistem - O Noua Zi
More Romanian stuff, this time from Sistem, whose "O Noua Zi" reflects that country's love for the Latin sound. The fact that artists like these are virtually unknown outside of their own country isn't sad—it's stupid. Make friends with a Romanian today!

Buddy vs. DJ The Wave - Ab in den Süden
Germany's Buddy vs. DJ The Wave has crafted the most excellent summer song of the year. It will bring summer to your fall (so it's not too late to put it on at your Oktoberfest party). You got yer drum and bass kick, guitar, rowdy German language vocals, and a tip of the hat to "Land of a Thousand Dances."

Sakis Rouvas - Disco Girl
Judging from the exasperation in his voice, Sakis Rouvas has some sort of a problem with a "Disco Girl." So he did what every Greek romantic does: write a passionate song about her. Disco girls take note—he's dreamy! But he's no friend of Kirenia's—he's sponsored by Pepsi (see above)!

Mambana - Libre (Axwell Mixes)
Mambana's "Libre" (either version is excellent) is a glorious bit of house music. Full of tropical sunshine, but recorded in Stockholm. The hypnotic, circling melody reminds me a lot of the one in S Club 7's "Hey Kitty Kitty." Is Mambana an S Club fan? We ask the tough questions, here!

Martillo Vago - Por que no? (Plazmatek Club Mix)
Take a huge scoop of Sash! and add another huge scoop of ATB, stir, and the result would sound EXACTLY like Martillo Vago's "Por Que No? (Plazmatek Club Mix)". And that's cool. This song blows the lid off the joint. And other DJisms (err, like, "It's PHAT!").

The Cheeky Girls - Get the Party On
The Cheeky Girls were a couple of Romanian identical twins who achieved infamy in the UK as the worst auditioners ever to appear on "Popstars: The Rivals." With William Hung-style luck, they landed a record deal and kicked out the popular "Cheeky Dance," the lyrics of which included repeated requests that the listener "touch my bum." Video to said tune playfully alluded to twincest and featured the bony girls prancing about in hot pants and performing a choreographed dance (directions for which were posted to their web site) that did not become a sensation. The duo lobbed several other singles high up the UK charts (I suspect some in the record-buying public enjoyed the idea of thwarting pop sages' predictions that the girls would be confined to "one hit wonder" status). Well, their singing is terrible and so are their songs, and I can't imagine how much they dented the UK's perception of Romanian women in general. All that said, "Get the Party On" appeals to me. Although the terribleness of the song cannot be denied, it is sung to the melody of that old AM rock hit "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep," and I like "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep."

Excellence - Last to Know
Swedish Eurovision poptarts Excellence's "Last to Know" has a good show-finisher quality to it, and so it wraps things up here. Ciao!

(Sept. 2003)

Sebastian - Toccata (Club Mix)
Classical music fans will thrill to the sounds of Sebastian's "Toccata," which brings Bach's eerie organ tune to the dancefloor. Deeply dumb, but effective.

Alina Sorescu - Te Iubesc . . . Tu Stii
Thanks to Razvan, who sent a ton of excellent Romanian music my way recently. Alina Sorescu's "Te Iubesc . . . Tu Stii" would be good in any language. Heart tugging vocals and boom-boom Eurodance beats. Foarte bine!

Prezioso - Voglio Vederti Danzare
I once told my Polish pal Paula that if one could understand Prezioso then one could comprehend the Meaning of Eurotrash. "Voglio Vederti Danzare" is as good as any of their songs, so check it out, take careful notes, turn those notes in to me at the end of the semester, etc.

Sensi - Da, Da, Di (Club Mix)
Romania's Sensi has at least two excellent songs that seem to borrow a bit from both In-Grid and Kylie Minogue. "Da, Da, Di (Club Mix)" is a superbly sexy little number with a nice accordion line.

DJ Tatana - Moments (DJ Tatana Sirup Mix)
DJ Tatana's sweeping "Moments" comes in a melodramatic vocal version that's being played in more places, but I prefer my thundering trance unimpeded by human banalities. Did I really just write that sentence? Anyway, go for the DJ Tatana Sirup Mix if you want your trance vocal-free.

Lasgo - I Wonder
An interesting confession that will kill half the traffic to my site: I do not like Lasgo, I do not like Ian Van Dahl, and I do not like Sylver. Why? Because all three sound alike, the music is pretty but not beautiful, and all three projects feature chicks who whine and pine. Hey, Lasgo guy? What happened to the joy of your earlier projects, like Astroline's "Close My Eyes"? Anyway, Lasgo's "I Wonder" is pretty much more of the same, but at least it has a somewhat interesting melody weaving through it.

WestBam - Right On
WestBam's "Right On" brings back some of the spirit of old school techno (specifically, Bizarre Incorporated's "Playing With Knives [Quadrant Mix]"). More of a stomper than a pumper. Loopy.

Cappella - U Got 2 Let the Music
Eurodance innovators Cappella's "U Got 2 Let the Music" was so-christened during the golden age of Eurodance, when license plate spelling permeated both song titles and band names. It's understandably confused with their "U Got 2 Know."

E-Craig - Drum Beats
Dutch trancer E-Craig's "Drum Beats" brings back the fierce fighting spirit of old school rave. The tune reminds me in places of Capricorn's "20 Hz." Remember that one? No? Man, I'm getting old!

Rocco - Generation of Love
Rocco's "Generation of Love" is everything an inspiring dance floor motivator is supposed to sound like, and surpasses anything frequent collaborator Pulsedriver has put out on his latest album. Hey, we're just trying to create some 50 Cent/Ja Rule-style rivalries, here! Song got a Euro-wide release in 2005.

Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body, Rock (Original Extended Mix)
The best rock song by a trance DJ this year is Ferry Corsten's "Rock Your Body, Rock (Original Extended Mix)," which has a stupid title to go with its stoopid attitude. You will be doing air guitar to this one.

Safri Duo - Fallin' High
Safri Duo are not dead! Their "Fallin' High" sees the return of everybody's favorite live percussionists (and now they seem to be assembling a real band around themselves). While their latest is not as madly manic as their classic "Played Alive," it will still make you as happy as a big bouncy bunny.

Alizee - JBG
Alizee's "JBG," from her superior first album, wasn't even a single, but it certainly could have been.

Hi-Q - La, La, La (I Will Survive)
Wrapping up with Romania, Hi-Q are superstars in that country. Back in 2001 they had two excellent songs ("Mi-e tare dor" and "Cat te iubeam"), AND a music TV show. "La, La, La," their Romanian-language cover of disco staple "I Will Survive," is a thing of excellence.

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