Mr. Lava's Trash Music Compendium

Another round-up of the best, the worst, and the most intriguing trash of the past and present.

(November 2010)

Images are by Isra (image 1; image 2).

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Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Når tiden går baglæns ("When Time Goes Backward")

The title is quite a mouthful to non-Danish speakers, but most Europeans will be familiar with Rune RK's output. He is described on his own website as the "Father of Calabria," because the distinctive horns from his song "Calabria" were sampled by Alex Gaudino, Enur, and many others for their own "Calabrias." This track has a more laid-back, wistful quality to it than that classic effort.

Alphabeat - Heatwave

Alphabeat's cutesy qualities, displayed on their debut album, have fortunately been shoved aside for a more aggressive dancefloor posture on their sophomore release, as signaled by previously-championed single "DJ." "Heatwave" keeps up that pressure, with delirious synth runs and crazy cut-up vocals. If they stick to this track, Alphabeat could become a mighty force in Europop.

Larry Tee - Hipster Girl (Christopher Just Remix)

A catchy synth-pop track that took a long time for me to ID, largely because I was certain when I first heard it on the radio that the vocalists were crying out, "HAMSTER GIRL!" Maybe that would have been an even better lyric!

Las Balkanieras - Moje Plave Oci ("My Blue Eyes")

They're described as "The Queens of Balkan Dancehall Trash Pop," and they prove it by singing atop a sample of The Surfari's "Wipe Out." I look forward to spinning this at my next Dubrovnik beach party!

Danny Byrd - Ill Behavior (feat. I-Kay)

Drum 'n' bass is the only dance music genre left that reliably evokes the surreal rip-the-room-apart spirit of hardcore techno. Here is a particularly magnificent recent example of that attitude.

BG the Prince of Rap - The Colour of My Dreams

Classic Eurodance to add to that La Bouche/Culture Beat/Captain Hollywood mix tape. The guy came from Washington D.C., like myself, and is now living in Europe, like I hope to do. Call me "KP the Duke of Rap"!

Gili - Mire ta bana

Eurodance meets more traditional Albanian sounds in this appealing pop tune.

Diskoteka Avariya - Opa! / дискотека авария - опа

It's the second older Diskoteka Avariya song I've plugged in a recent months; I'm just giving these guys their long overdue...due! The frantic "Opa!" is suitable for a Russian Loony Tunes cartoon.

Ginger Woz Red - Funk Me (Russo & Sharkz House Remix)

Ginger Woz Red's "Disco Bombing" rocked Fortress King Pigeon back in 2006, and four years on they do it again, with able assistance from Russo & Sharkz, who add additional tunefulness to the proceedings. The formula here is simple: replace the word "fuck" with "funk"—and have fun!

Scotch - Delerio Mind (Power Remix 90)

Classic Italo disco tune with perhaps the worst English-language lyrics of any song in that genre (which is saying a lot) gets a toughish 1990 Snap! "The Power"-style reworking.

Ozan Doğulu - Alain Delon (feat. Sıla)

I championed Sıla's "Sevişmeden Uyuyalım" earlier at the lower-key environment of Pub Pigeon. Here she rocks out to some pounding Turkish boom-boom beats and traditional guitar sounds provided by Ozan Doğulu, an arranger/producer who has also worked with Justin Timberlake. Oddly enough, appears to be an homage to a French film star best known for his work in the 1960s.

Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (Extended Mix)

Sounds so much like Deadmau5 that I was suspicious that this was an alias, but Discogs says otherwise. Begins by sounding like every other Deadmau5 track (pulsating beats interrupted by glitchy freak-outs), but after crossing the two minute mark it introduces a catchy baroque-style melody.

Basslovers United - Ghetto Superstar (Extended Mix)

A wanton celebration of the Euro-dum-dum sound as the old pop standard "Ghetto Superstar" gets a right good Eurotrashing. Bonus points for the excellent video.

69 Dover - Danaya

Top tune of this compendium, and one of the best of the year, comes from this Spanish group. Has so many hooks that even the 30 second sample I provide here features more ideas than most entire songs.

Hydro Aquatic and Vir2l Vision - Vigor (Cold Blue Remix)

Probably the most cinematic trance tune I've heard this year, with a melodic inventiveness that easily bests the weenier, prettyish efforts of the artists' better-known trance contemporaries (I'm squinting at YOU, "World's Number 1 DJ" Armin Van Buuren). In fact, last time I heard a trance tune this compelling was Nucvise's stunning "Wild Cherry Tree" (2008)—and interestingly, Nucvise, Hydro Aquatic, and Vir2l Vision all hail from Poland. (Not to be left out of the accolades, props to Cold Blue [Germany] for his excellent remix work.) From Monster Tunes, a label that admirably lives up to its name, as inspection of other singles (to be featured in future Compendiums) reveals.

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